I have used three driving instructors over the years and I found Richard by far the best! He is patient. His good sense of humour puts you at ease. Richard finally got me to my end goal of passing my test.
Kelly T
After years of riding motorcycles the time came to learn to drive. Richard was calm and professional and dealt with any problems with ease. I passed first time so can’t recommend enough. 10/10.
Marc H
Richard is calm, relaxed, friendly and a patient driving instructor, with lots of character, who increased my confidence and made driving enjoyable. I passed my Theory and Driving Test first time! Richard is highly recommended and many thanks once again.
Will M.
Richard is a wonderful teacher, his patience, support and kindness are endless, making him easy to get along with. He not only helped change my somewhat reluctant attitude to driving, but built my confidence and helped me pass my test first time!
Grace T.
Fantastic teacher who helped me get through and understand what I was doing. He made sure I was confident and he was flexible in his teaching methods, which suited my kind of learning and helped me to pass my test. Thank you!
Alison O.
I was recommended to BetterDrive by a friend and passed on my first test, as Richard provides a professional and very supportive service. There is the opportunity to take PassPlus, which not all instructors can provide. Richard is a relaxed and friendly driving instructor who really brought out the confidence in me to pass and an enjoyment for driving. He has a variety of teaching skills and ensures you are completely secure in your practical and theoretical driving skills.
Emma C.
The service Richard offers is excellent and the tuition provided is both very supportive and constructive. You always feel that you are in control and safe and that you are progressing. Richard is a very good instructor and is very thorough with his teaching skills.
Steve C.
On my first lesson, I was rather nervous and didn’t know what I was doing at all when I first jumped into the car, but my nerves were soon settled when I met my driving instructor Richard. He explained what I needed to do and before I knew it I was driving off down my road. When my driving test was looming, I got quite anxious, but Richard encouraged me and kept telling me I could do it. So I took the test and passed first time!!! I thank Richard for teaching me. It was definitely worth it.
Suzanne R.
Richard is a very good teacher who would go over things again and understood if I couldn’t quite master what he was teaching me. I would recommend BetterDrive to anyone who wanted to start learning to drive. I also took PassPlus, which helped me with aspects of driving I’d never done before.
Lee A.